NookColor CoverBe warned: Shameless self-congratulation follows.

I love my new NookColor. Love it to bits. But when I came back from Arizona with it, I returned sans cover. I spent ages looking at the B&N selection, and while many looked nice, I wasn’t happy with the way most of the covers clip the device. In retrospect, I realized that I wouldn’t be removing and re-attaching the Nook often enough to risk damaging it, but at the time I just wanted to leave my lovely eBook reader pristine. Untouched. And when I returned to Canada and changed my mind, I saw that the cost of ordering one online was too expensive. Additionally, I can’t say I trust eBay all that much, except as a source of cheap books. No one bilks people for Mary Baloghs, unlike this poor NYT writer who was scammed out of $1700 for a Sarfatti lamp.

So after a week of carrying my NC around in a fleece beanie, I decided to make my own. (Nook cover, that is. Not Sarfatti lamp.)

The first DIY case I found online turned out to be the one I eventually made. The lovely Chica and Jo designed this custom Kindle cover, and it attracted me through its simplicity of design and construction process.

I did make some modifications to their model to fit my NookColor:

  • First, I added a second elastic to secure the top of the NC. The device is quite a bit heavier than the Kindle, and while C & J have a nice wide pocket covering the Kindle keyboard (which is fine), the NC has a thinner bezel and larger touchscreen which needs to be fully exposed.
  • Second, I cut a hole at the bottom of the pocket so that I’d be able to charge the NC without removing it from the case.
  • Third, I used two different fabrics, a water-shedding nylon on the outside and a softer burgundy polyester as the inner lining.
  • Fourth, since I am the most careless person in the world (even to devices I love), I added a double layer of thin fleece to the interior along with cardboard, for padding.
  • Lastly, because the whole result is quite a bit thicker than the original design (which is for a very thin Kindle 3), I didn’t do the last flap that doubles as a stand. But I’m okay with that, since I’m unlikely to stand my NC up without holding it.

And all for the grand total of $4.53. Chica and Jo: You’re awesome.

My friends and family are absolutely sick of hearing me talk about my efforts. The cover doesn’t stand up to close inspection – it’s just a wee bit too tight, my slip stitch is dodgy at best, and I can’t sew a straight seam to save my life.

But man oh man oh man. I love my NookColor case. Possibly even more than my NookColor.

Are any of you seamstresses or DIYers? Any projects of which you’re particularly proud?

– Jean AAR

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