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Some Musical Obsessions

I have been expanding my music collection recently.  Some new favorites: David Guetta and Sia.  You won’t hear David Guetta sing on any of the songs for which he is credited (of which there are many, some of the most recent ones being “Turn Me On” with Nicki Minaj, and “Without You” with Usher).  He is the DJ, the brain behind the beats.  Sia is an Australian singer, who is perhaps best described as “quirky.”  While David Guetta’s songs can be superficial, and Sia can be a bit odd, the combination is perfection.


Sia is featured in another hit song these days, “Wild Ones,” with Flo Rida.  The video for this song is disappointingly stereotypical of a rap video, and she doesn’t appear in it at all, but Sia’s voice adds such depth to the song.


The combination of stunning vocals and a great beat is irresistible to me.  Sia alone isn’t always my cup of tea, but when paired with some dance/hip-hop musicians, I can’t get enough.

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