51VN2nAheBL._SL500_AA240_Part of my morning ritual, along with looking at the news headlines, checking email, and stopping by AAR, is seeing what’s new in audio romance.  It’s a little like opening a grab bag as I wonder if I will be thrilled, bored, or disappointed with the day’s audio romance releases.  You see, I never know what to expect release-wise and I gave up seriously looking for a list of upcoming audio books after many failed attempts to find a complete romance listing.  After all, that morning look always promised the possibility of a bit of excitement, even as my audio book budget toppled yet again from the lack of planning.

I’m sure there are other audio book listeners who eagerly watch for that next terrific production because we all know that very few of our favorite books actually make it to the world of audio.  As a result, it seems only natural to include a list of upcoming audio book releases as we develop a place on AAR for audio book fans.

But sharing a comprehensive upcoming romance audio book list with you is not as easy as I hoped since I have yet to find that magical list even after intensifying my search.  Instead, I found it necessary to put together our own list after researching a number of audio book sites and, although I am rather pleased with the results, I am certain it is not complete.  So, are you up to a group project?  You can help me refine the list I’ve already put together by sharing any other upcoming audio romance books you know of for the month of July (as well as where you obtained that information – please).  Once we have all made our contributions, the combined list of upcoming romance audio books will be published on AAR’s main site.

You may notice books that were already offered in audio format but hold a place on this list because a new format is now available (abridged versus unabridged, CD, or download).  Also, if you see any book that is not a romance, please let me know. And another issue:  I discovered last night, much to my chagrin, that it’s easy to equate any list of upcoming audio books to that of a moving target as release dates change.  Within three days of building this list, five of July’s releases were moved to August and five more were added to July.  So, please be forgiving of exact dates!

51kdJn+pgmL._SL500_AA240_As far as our Speaking of Audio Book articles on AAR’s News and Commentary Blog, you will now see a general discussion piece (as we had in May and June) the first week of each month and a mid-month upcoming releases list with discussion.  And, beginning in July, our mutually-improved romance audio book new release list (what a mouthful) can be found on AAR’s main site under Features around the first of each month.  We plan to pursue interviews with narrators as well but have nothing definite on that as of yet.

And a few more tidbits:

While exploring future releases, I discovered more than a few older titles to enrich our libraries later in 2009, but three in particular are slated for November: Julie Garwood’s The Bride, Linda Howard’s Son of the Morning, and Christine Feehan’s Wild Rain!

I just finished listening to Dream Man by Linda Howard and I thought it was a great production with Phil Gigante’s narration.  I do, however, have one complaint and that has nothing to do with the audio production and everything to do with the hero, Dane.  Having read this personal favorite at least four times, Dane’s “I know best” actions concerning Marlie and the  media finally hit the grrrr level for me.  It’s never affected me in that manner before – could it be hearing it rather than reading it?

At least two of the following July releases will make it into my audio library.  As one of Linda Howard’s faithful, I am eagerly waiting for Burn.  And second, Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas.  Did you know her recent historicals are now being produced as audio books?

Time for your thoughts:

What July releases are you looking forward to?  Do you know of any releases for July not found in our list?

What have you listened to lately and do you recommend it?

What topics do you want to see in our audio discussions?

Good to see all you fellow audio lovers here.

-Lea Hensley

Audio Book Romances on Sale in July


Brockmann, Suzanne – Hot Pursuit

Brockmann, Suzanne – Troubleshooters CD Collection 2: Into the Storm, Force of Nature, Into the Fire

Hamilton, Laurell K. – Meredith Gentry Collection 2: A stroke of Midnight, Mistral’s Kiss, Lick of Frost

Hannah, Kristen – CD Collection: Comfort & Joy, Magic Hour, Firefly Lane

Heyer, Georgette – Sylvester

Kleypas, Lisa – Mine Till Midnight

Lindsey, Johanna – The Heir

Lowell, Elizabeth – Forbidden

Peterson, Tracie – A Surrendered Heart

Robb, J D – CD Collection 7: Visions in Death, Survivor in Death, Origin in Death

Robb, J D – Promises in Death

Roberts, Nora – Black Hills

Roberts, Nora – Daring to Dream

Roberts, Nora – Holding the Dream


Brockmann, Suzanne – Hot Pursuit

Castle, Jayne – After Glow

Coble, Colleen – Lonestar Secrets

Colgan, Jenny – Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Haggard, Sir H. Rider – Child of the Storm

Haggard, Sir H. Rider – Eric Brighteyes

Howard, Linda – Burn

Johansen, Iris – Storm Cycle

Kleypas, Lisa – Mine Till Midnight

Krentz, Jayne Ann – Gift of Fire

Lindsey, Johanna – The Heir

Roberts, Nora – Black Hills

Woods, Janet – Edge of Regret

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