spring veggiesWe’ve had a flurry of unseasonably warm weather up north the past week. In addition to breaking out my flip flops about a month early, I’ve started thinking about the foods I like to eat in warmer weather. Now I’m not foolish enough to believe that the warm weather will last. In fact, I fully expect to see at least a few snow flurries once more.

But even though the warmth is probably fleeting, the stews and soups and roasted veggies I’ve been living on during the winter just don’t sound appetizing once the temperature hits 80f.

Yesterday, in an early celebration of warm weather, I treated myself to lunch at a nice restaurant where one of the specialties is Gazpacho, that marvelous tomato-based soup chock full of all kinds of lovely raw veggies. I won’t make it myself until about August, when I can buy tomatoes and peppers at the farmers’ market. But it was a nice early reminder that summer is on the way.

In fact, I won’t be able to get any true local produce for a few more months, as the farmers’ markets don’t open until sometime in June. But, I can at least pick up some of the things I’m craving at the local super market. Chief among the things I’m craving right now are salads. So today I’m going to hit the store to get the makings for Greek peasant salad (cucumber, tomatoes, feta, olives).

As the picture above indicates, I also have strong cravings for asparagus this time of year, and intend to pick some up this morning as well. I like to steam a big batch of asparagus, and eat one serving immediately. Then, I’ll chill the rest with a marinade of some type, and add it to salads for the next few days.

Where I run into more difficulty is with protein. I have no problem coming up with ideas for stews, soups, roast chickens, etc. in the winter. But once warm weather hits I lose my taste for a lot of proteins. I will do some veggie burgers in my George Foreman grill, as well as the occasional BBQ chicken or fish, but that’s about it in warm weather.

But in addition to all that healthy stuff I’m craving, there’s one rather controversial thing I’m craving, and it is first up on my shopping list this morning. It’s an elusive treat that’s mainly available just this time of year. It’s not even remotely healthy, is probably way too sweet, but I love them. Yes, I’m talking about the Cadbury Creme Egg, and I will be picking up a few later today.

Do you have any special foods you’re craving right now, or do you eat pretty much the same year round?

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