tulipsThe other day Jane posted about spring in DC. I guess it’s that time of year, because I’ve been going through major spring fever for the last few weeks.

Normally I can make it through March before spring fever strikes, but some unexpectedly warm weather a week or so ago brought it on early.

During that wonderful early week of warm weather I started going for long walks again on my lunch hour. And even though it’s been much cooler the last few days, I’m still going for those walks. There’s something about being outside in the middle of the day — in the sun — that makes the rest of the work day go by much more quickly.

However, what’s really hitting me this year with spring fever, is a desire to add some touches of spring inside my home. It’s way too early here to think about putting any container plants on my patio — although I’d dearly like to be able to do so. In the meantime, I want to make a few inexpensive indoor changes to make it feel more like spring has arrived.

As a first step in spring decorating, I’m going to swap out my winter quilt this afternoon for one I have stored away in pretty spring colors. That’ll pretty much do it for my bedroom, but my living room could really use some help. I love my furniture, but it’s all rather dark, and the pillows and throws I have are all in more winter-like colors (dark reds, golds, and greens).I wish I was handy and owned a sewing machine, because I’d really like to try to put light slip covers on my furniture for the spring and summer.

Since I’m not remotely handy, I won’t be making any slip covers. And I’ve looked at prices for nice slip covers, and they seem to be way out of my current decorating budget. So, I think a visit to some discount home stores may be in order to try and find some pillows in lighter colors.

Other than that, I’m stumped. Do you have any quick, inexpensive decorating tricks to make your home feel more like spring? LinnieGayl

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