LinneGayl already blogged about Glee‘s return to television tonight (and boy, am I looking forward to it).  I’m a huge Gleek and the rumors swirling around about the back episodes of their first season have got me excited to no end.  But my return to television after several months of hiatus came a couple weeks ago, with Bones.  I know there are some Bones fans here at AAR, so if you haven’t caught up with the fifth season, beware.  Spoilers abound.

The spring premier episode had its own shockers–I  knew someone was going to get engaged in that episode before I watched it, and for some reason I was still surprised when Sweets popped the question. I love Sweets.  I don’t really love Daisy.  She’s probably my least favorite of the interns.  But I guess they’re cute together, and I’m holding out hope that this engagement doesn’t mean the rumors about Angela and Hodgins getting hitched at the end of the season are false.  The stars keep talking about “an engagement and a wedding” on the show this season.  This separation of two usually linked concepts suggests they might involve two different events. And if there’s anyone I want together more than Booth and Brennan, it’s Angela and Hodgins.

Which brings me to last week’s 100th episode, and the fall-out from the flashback.  It was so interesting to see how they met, and their own recognition of the chemistry between them.  But the biggest part of the episode was clearly the last 3 minutes or so.  I admit it– I cried.  I ached for them both.  I’ve gotten the impression a lot of people are angry at Brennan for turning Booth down, but really I just feel sorry for her.  She said it herself– “I can’t change.  I don’t know how.”  It’s clear she loves him and wants to be with him, but that for her, “not knowing how” really means she’s just scared.  It’s frustrating and heartbreaking at the same time.

I still have high hopes for their eventual union, but right now I’m just interested to see how this affects their working relationship.  The new episode on Thursday night takes them undercover pretending to be husband and wife at Brennan’s high school reunion.  Will there be tension? Awkwardness?  A slow dance? (According to the promos released by Fox, yes).

In case you wanted to watch those heartbreaking few moments again, here it is (albeit mirrored from the original):

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