Confession: I’ve never read Lisa Kleypas’ Dreaming of You. Oh, I know it’s fabulous. I know everyone loves it. Chances are I’ll love it, because I nearly always enjoy her books, and this seems to be everyone’s favorite. I have it, and periodically I’ll hold it and think, “Maybe I’ll read this next.” But I can’t quite bring myself to do it.

Why, you may ask? I know it sounds a little silly, but I like just knowing it’s out there waiting for me. I enjoy the idea of Dreaming of You. It feels like money in the bank, ready if I need it sometime, waiting for when I might be ready. I suppose there’s a chance I won’t love it; I am after all, the woman who traded the much loved Lord of Scoundrels back in to the used bookstore sometime in the nineties (speaking of which, I’ll probably reread that sometime to see if I still have the same impression. Can hundreds of Top 100 voters really be wrong?). But at this point, it will stay in my nightstand, waiting for the ideal moment – whenever that might be.

Of course, that’s not the only book I’m squirreling away. I bought many of the Georgette Heyer books when they were all being reissued, and I’ve read only two. Because, you know, the others are waiting for the right moment. Similarly, I once had Julia Justiss rave to me about Loretta Chase’s old regencies. So I snapped them up – and read none of them…yet. Since this conversation occurred (gulp) ten years ago, I guess it’s kind of a long wait.

Actually, I feel like the advance in technology is really my friend in this area. In the past, if I wanted to read a book someday, I had to buy it now and store it now, until I felt ready. Now with nearly every book released electronically as well as in print – and older print books rereleased as ebooks – I feel like I can even wait to buy until I’m ready to read. I keep far fewer books “just in case” – my husband is very happy about this.

How do you feel about saving special reads for the indefinite future? Is there something you’re squirreling away?

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