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Still on the Market

sale signWay back in March or April (I don’t remember exactly when), we put out house on the market because we plan to build in a new neighborhood outside of town.  Unfortunately, our house hasn’t yet sold.  At first, I was okay with the fact that it didn’t sell immediately, but now I’ve reached frustration mode. 

To be safe, we decided to sell and then build, which means most likely we’ll be in a rental while the new house is under construction.  Also, I wanted to be settled in a new house by Christmas so I could decorate and because the boys are worried about Santa being able to find them.  Plus, I’m terrified all the lots will be sold in the neighborhood we plan to build in before ours is even under contract.   Fortunately, there are plently of lots left because the market has affected the developer as well. 

However, if I’m completely honest, the main reason I wish my house would sell  quickly is because I’m so, so tired of keeping it neat, orderly, and clutter free.  I want my pictures back on the walls and I don’t want to constantly fuss at my family to put things up and out of sight.  I no longer want to wake up at 4:45 to clean before I go to work and I want my boys to be able make a mess.  Please sell soon – I’m tired of limbo.

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