One sure sign of spring for me is the fact that all of a sudden I don’t just walk by shop windows (which have been decorated in bright colors for more than a month now), I actually look at them to gauge what will be in fashion this spring and summer and what of that might actually suit me.

Another sign is shopping on the spur of a moment. I know the sensible way: You go through your wardrobe, try on everything, find new combinations, take at least one item to the tailor’s, at least three on the mending heap, at least five into be bag for Oxfam (or the charity of your choice), and then write a list of what you actually need for spring. So much in theory.

In reality, I walk by a favorite boutique, get attracted by something in the shop window, walk in, and end up buying something I hadn’t expected to. The first time I do this, each spring, it’s really hard to recall what else there is in my wardrobe for that season. I do remember in the end, but there’s always that minute in the changing room when I try to visualise all my other skirts to find out whether this delightful new one is too much like one of the old ones in color or styling.

This year I was lucky: The skirt I fell in love with has the exactly the same taupe color as an old one, but as the old one is rather tight in the waist and I was planning to replace it anyway (I got it during a period after I had serious stomach problems for several months – not a clever phase to buy clothing, in spite of your happiness that you can buy a size smaller!), the new skirt was a real find. The two long-sleeved tops and the scarf I also bought were perhaps on entirely necessary, but you can never have too many monochrome tops, can you?

Anyway, impulsive buying can also gain you some lovely clothes. Yesterday I walked by a shop which mostly sells decorative items, when I spotted a scarf in the window (off white with embroidery – lovely!) that looked just perfect for my off-white summer party dress. I bought it, and not only is it great with the dress, it also goes extremely well with several other outfits.

The sad fact is, however, that it’s still too cold to actually wear my new acquisitions. Still, their day will come!

Have you begun shopping for spring or summer outfits? What is the loveliest new item that you have bought?

– Rike Horstmann

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