Wait. Don’t freak out. I’m not racist.

Stuff White People Like is the absolutely brilliant, hilarious, and politically incorrect blog and book created by Christian Lander. The 128-item list of Stuff White People Like includes Sushi, Facebook, Political Prisoners, Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops, Making You Feel Bad About Not Going Outside, Public Radio, and Black Music that Black People Don’t Listen To Anymore. (Of course to be more accurate, replace “white people” with “the elitist young hipster liberal upper-middle class.”) If you are a bit sensitive to this kind of thing, then skip this link and forget I even mentioned it. Of course it’s all based on stereotypes. It’s a little bit offensive. It requires an ironic eye to get through an entry without being horrified. But if you get past that, it’s possibly among the funniest things I’ve ever read.

From #127, Where the Wild Things Are: “It is a guarantee that whenever it is announced that a popular book is being turned into a movie, white people will get upset. This is partly due to their fear that something they love will be made accessible to more people and thus enjoyed by more people which immediately decreases the amount of joy a white person can feel towards the original property. Yes, it’s complicated.”

From #80, The Idea of Soccer: :Most white people choose a favorite soccer team based on either a study abroad experience or a particularly long vacation to Europe or South America. When they return, they like to tell their friends about how great “football” is and that they are committed to ‘getting more into’ now that they have returned home. Some white people take this charade so far as to actually play in adult soccer leagues or attend a local professional match.”

From #2, Religions that their parents didn’t belong to: “White people will often say they are “spiritual” but not religious. Which usually means that they will believe any religion that doesn’t involve Jesus.”

Maybe it’s just where I’m from, and the fact that I go to a somewhat pretentious liberal private school, but I couldn’t tell you how many “white people” I know (and not all of them are Caucasian). Read, and enjoy.

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