I am a flip-flop girl.  Despite the warnings I’ve seen and heard about the dangers of wearing them, I can’t help but be skeptical.  They can’t possibly be as bad as those stiletto heels I see women wearing.  I have a white pair of Old Navy flip-flops that I wear pretty much daily, with no ill effects.  However, because I’ve been wearing them so often, they’re dirty and worn, so I’ve been looking for some new summer sandals.

In the end, I wound up getting two more pairs of the flip-flops (white again, and lavender).  At $2.50 each, you can’t beat the price — and considering I’ve been wearing my current pair frequently for over a year, they’re worth a lot more than that.  I love shoes, but on a day-to-day basis I’m pretty low-key and flip-flops are perfect for summer and my lifestyle.  While perusing, I’ve noticed that there are some interesting styles in sandals out now.  As with almost all things, the trends right now (gladiator and anke wrap sandals) can be done well, or go hideously overboard.  Example of a nice gladiator-style sandal:

Colorful, on trend, but not ridiculous.  Speaking of ridiculous…

What is the appeal in looking like you fit a sandal over an ankle cast?

What are your favorite summer shoes?  Do you go for the classics, or seek out new sandal trends?

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