We swim almost all year long at the indoor pool here in town. Summer adds a whole new dimension to our swimming though. That is when beaches, waterparks and outdoor pools also become viable options for when we want to take a dip.

It wasn’t till this year, though, that I realized something and that is the social makeup of the people at the pool/beach. Teens and children/families are at every possible watering location. But adults sans kids apparently only use indoor pools to exercise. You will never see a group of adults at our indoor pool just hanging out swimming. You will, on the other hand, find them in abundance at the outdoor pool we frequent. There they sit in lounge chairs and talk in between short dips in the pool. At the local “beach” you will find them having picnics and frolicking in the water on hot days. You will even find some at the water parks. I just couldn’t help but find that interesting. What is it about the indoor pool that keeps them away? Chlorine? Noise?

Regardless of age, I think swimming can be great fun. What about you? Do you frequent the pool in the summer? Have one in your back yard? Use one at a local gym for exercise?

– Maggie AAR

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