don-draper-promo-picOn Sunday night I fell asleep during Mad Men.

This unprecedented occurrence is due to the fact that showrunner Matt Weiner seems to have permanently inserted his head up his ass.

In other words, I think he is putting a bit too much credence in his own press.

Do I hope that somehow, someway he will unwedge himself?  You bet I do.  But with meandering plots; strange, ham-handedly “meaningful” shots of nothing (what was up with Don’s hand at the May Day celebration); and a determined lack of focus on anything resembling a forward-moving plot, I’m becoming less and less optimistic.

Right now, the emperor has no clothes.   None.  (If things change after watching Sunday’s third episode, I will eat appropriate amounts of crow.)  Mad Men has always come dangerously close to being in the red on the precious meter, but this season it is beyond pretentious.  And I want my Don Draper back. Really.

True Blood has, however, been almost completely fantastic this season, even if I do think that show has lost momentum over the last two episodes. After such a splendid farewell to Godric and the Fellowship of the Sun storyline, I’m feeling as if things have really stalled out for the moment.

Okay, zombies.  Bad.  Tara.  Bad acting.  Bad, bad, bad acting.  Really horrendously bad acting.  Eric.  Not enough.  Even remotely.

As for Sophie-Anne, big let down, too.  She seemed rather forced and strained and…just, well, badly acted.  She looked good, but there it ended.

But then there is the meat tree.  Gotta love the meat tree.

Also on the positive side, they’ve finally brought a human side to Layfayette, who had “caricature” written all over him before the end of this season.  I actually like him now.

Still, considering the complaints many of us had last season, I’m feeling very good about Alan Ball and the direction he’s going.  And if he listens to the fan wankdom, he knows we want Eric.  Lots and lots of Eric.

As for the season finale coming up in two weeks,  what do you bet that the season ends with Eric’s revelation to Sookie about what…er, Bill did?  Thoughts?

Edited to Add: Watched the Mad Men episode I missed last night and it was definitely better.  Still not even close to the transcendent levels of season one and two.

-Sandy AAR

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