Well, holey moley, welcome to Sandy’s new regular Tuesday morning Sunday night TV wrap up.

And by Sunday night TV I mean Mad Men and True Blood.  (Spoilers ahead.  Seriously.)

Honestly, I expected to be waxing profusely about how great Sunday night’s premiere was.  Only I can’t because I’m not really feeling it.

Okay, could it possibly have been more precious and melodramatic to start with Don’s painful memories of his prostitute mother?  I’m as a big a fan as any of Don’s long, silent exquisitely evocative moments, but, geez, what happened to story momentum? And, ultimately, what did we learn to take things forward?  (And we all know where Don stands on the importance of moving forward.) So, we learned that Don is still a player.  That those stewardesses were good time gals.  And that Don is cool with Sal’s homosexuality.

But where were Joan and Peggy and Betty?  And who can believe that my favorite moments in the episode were Pete (that slimey snake!) and Ken-related?

Which all leads me to the ultimate question:  Do we think that mayhap somebody is taking all the praise (rightfully) heaped on the show a bit too seriously?

I’m hopeful for another great season and have immense faith in the creative talent behind the show, but we’re not off to a great start.

Now, on to the real entertainment this week:  True Blood.  Well, color me gobsmacked.

I bow down to the sheer cleverness behind finding a way to get Sookie in bed with Eric without all the moral ambiguity. And can I add that it was beautifully shot and long enough that it made a satisfying payoff to those of us who have been waiting?

Also loved the appearance of Vampire Spokesperson Extraordinaire Nan Flanagan.  Very sly.  (And I love sly.)

With only three episodes left to go (sob!), for me this season has been about ten thousand times more satisfying than season one.

Which leads me to my other Big Thought of the day.  It’s time to take a moment here and acknowledge that Alan Ball was clearly listening to all the belly-aching and whining and kvetching in which we all engaged last year because – let’s face it – everything we complained about is gone.  And, even better, he found a way to bring about what many of us wanted without sacrificing Sookie’s character.

Bravo, Mr. Ball.  Bravo.

-Sandy AAR

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