I am appealing to the broader knowledge of the AAR community on this recent challenge of mine.  As frequent readers may recall, I am moving shortly from the Northeast to the Gulf Coast, and am a bit concerned about how I will manage the climate differences.  Now, I’m used to humidity, but I’m sure Mobile is something on a different level.

I have troublesome skin, and I’m looking to try something new as a base makeup.  I am, regrettably, acne-prone, and I know makeup+sweat+humidity is not a good combination for clear skin, so I was hoping you might have a recommendation for a foundation/concealer that is:

  • non-comedogenic (i.e., not acne-causing)
  • oil-free (see above)
  • sweat-proof
  • modest in price (less than $20, preferably less than $15)

Can you think of suggestions? Right now I use Sephora Compact Foundation, but I’m almost out and have found that it tends to melt off my face rather easily, which is not the most pleasant of sensations.  Any other skin-care tips for the Deep South would be very much appreciated!

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