Best Debut Romance Author of 2015 So Far Is……..

I’ll admit it; I tend to shy away from new authors. Give me a choice between a comfort read and an unknown quantity and I’ll almost always choose the comfort read. This is particularly stupid when I look at the outstanding authors who have won in the Best Debut Romance Author category in recent years.

  • 2014 Sonali Dev
  • 2013 Emma Chase
  • 2012 Cecilia Grant
  • 2011 Jessica Scott
  • 2010 Rose Lerner
  • 2009 Tessa Dare
  • 2008 Sherry Thomas
  • 2007 Anna Campbell
  • 2006 Elizabeth Hoyt
  • 2005 Lisa Valdez

The best debut author category has frequently been a problem category for readers. By debut, we mean the author has not been published under any name or any genre prior to 2015. Each year we get a flurry of votes for authors who developed a new pen name in a given year. We also get votes for authors who switched romance genres. Sadly, we have to reject those votes.

So who are the genuine debut romance […]