A (not grumpy) guest post and a giveaway by Nicole Helm

There are two types of romance readers in the world. Readers who hear the words ‘grumpy hero’ and go on with their day, and the readers who hear ‘grumpy hero’ and stand to attention and yell TELL ME EVERYTHING.

I’m a tell me everything kind of girl. When I say grumpy heroes are my jam, I mean both as writer and reader. I mean as card-carrying romance aficionado and an entertainment consuming human being. I don’t know why anyone is debating Jess vs. Logan when LUKE exists, and if your book/TV show/movie has a grumpy man felled by any kind of woman, I want to know about it.

Why? Well, I’m not sure I can put all the appeal of the grumpy hero into tangible categories, but I don’t mind trying. The grumpy hero is usually grumpy for deep reasons. He’s […]