Dreams: A Guest Post (and a giveaway by Leslie Hachtel)

Dreams. The stuff some reality is made of.

My name is Leslie Hachtel and I am the author of The Dream Dancer. So many times, people ask me where the idea came from. Well, this idea began percolating years ago.

I have always found dreams fascinating. Interpretation of them varies, depending on the source, but what happens when my eyelids flutter and I am immersed is at times amazing, scary, enlightening.

Some believe dreams foretell the future and in times like these, when earthquakes and hurricanes and fires ravage the earth, many are desperate to know what comes next, perhaps hoping their night images will give them some idea what will happen in their lives.
Dreams have always intrigued me. And I wondered…what if I could enter the dreams of another? What would I do with such a power? And so […]