Character Crushes

Stephen-Lang-Terra-Nova-image-2About once a year I find myself the victim of a character crush. In the past I’ve fallen for such notables as Spock from Star Trek and Luke from Star Wars. When it happens, it comes on me suddenly and it normally requires a perfect set of ingredients.  My personal recipe is:

  • Must not be played by someone too famous. Yes, others will have discovered and loved them but they aren’t Brad Pitt or George Clooney status stars.
  • Must be in project I like.  I can’t just fall for a picture. Book cover models don’t do it for me. You have to be involved in something I enjoy, if not love.
  • Must have character traits I admire. I can like a good villain and I can love a good supporting character. But I have to find something I appreciate or I don’t get the crush.

This […]