As cover art indicates, tattooed heroines and heroes have become widespread in romances, and tattoo artists as protagonists are also on the rise (you can check out our tattoo tag for books where tattooing is central!) However, just because a character is a tattoo artist doesn’t mean they tattoo their romantic counterpart. 

When they do, however, some authors take that scene straight to sexytown.

From Naima Simone’s Grading Curves (which, by the way, I gave a DIK to):

We both fall silent, and the lull of the buzzing tattoo machine and the constant drag of it over my skin draws me into this subspace where only my body, his hands, and the bee-sting pain exists. Closing my eyes, I fall under the seduction of it. Craving the slight strokes and tugs on my back, the pain that’s riding the edge of pleasure. A low but aching throb sets up shop in my lower stomach and farther down still, in my sex.” 

Now, I’ve never had a tattoo – but this is NOT how my tattooed friends told me the experience went for  them. That being said, it’s not like a pain kink is unheard of or even all that unusual. After all, a central tenet of BDSM is the consensual infliction of pain. 

So tattooed romance readers, tell me -was getting your tattoo (or tattoos) at all … well, sexy? Or is it more something you endured? Also, what did you get, and why, and where is it?

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