The annual AAR Reader Poll is open!

We’re pleased to announce, for the 20th year in a row, the AAR Annual Reader Poll is now open! We hope you will help us take a look back to find the best romance books the year 2015 had to offer.

The AAR Annual Reader Poll began with the best romances of 1996, and ever since then, readers have used the poll results to guide them to some of the best romances published in the past year. But for the poll to be helpful, and truly represent as many AAR readers as possible, we need you to vote! Many readers use various guides to fill out their ballots. Some AAR readers keep spreadsheets of their reading year, while others utilize such online sites as Goodreads for their records, making it relatively easy to fill out a ballot. If you haven’t kept a spreadsheet or reading chart (and there are just as many readers who don’t), you can use the Power Search function at AAR to search for reviews from the 2015 reading year. In Power Search you can search by genre, reviewer, year published, grade, and other categories which should help you in filling out your ballot.

In recent weeks AAR has published a number of posts that offer some of our favorite romances of 2015, including the favorite 2015 romances of the entire staff and their favorite audio listens, so make sure to check out the AAR blog for ideas as well.
The poll will be open for just two weeks starting today, Monday January 18th and will close at 12:00 midnight U.S. Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, January 31th, 2016. We encourage all of our AAR readers to participate in this poll. Once again, the poll will be hosted offsite at (see the end of this post for the actual link).
There are now 25 different categories listed on the ballot but remember, for your ballot to be valid, you only have to vote in a minimum of six (6) categories. The average AAR reader votes in about 10 categories but some readers vote in all categories.

Almost every year we make changes to the poll and this year is no different. The romance genre has an ebb and flow that opens up new categories and leaves behind themes that were once popular. This year, after some debate, we decided not to drop any categories from the ballot, although a few — Best Category Romance, Best Young Adult Romance, and Best New Adult Romance – had a relatively low vote tally last year. Instead, we decided to add back in, for another try, the Worst Romance you read. We’ve also added a comment box at the end for you to make suggestions for future categories, or to offer your thoughts on the poll.

In the past, many people have posted on the boards that the winners don’t reflect their favorites. Keep in mind that this poll can only be successful with your participation, so please take the time to vote to make sure your favorites get tallied!

Look for the results to be posted at AAR in February. Ready to vote?

Click here.

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