voting_m-300x225Get ready…it’s coming!  Yes, we’re going to be updating the All About Romance Top 100 Romances Poll this coming October.  To refresh your memory, here are the reigning Top 100.

It’s been three years since we last polled for your top 100 romances in October  2007, and it’s time for an update. So, from October 1 through October 31, 2010, we’ll be polling for your favorite romances.

Why are we giving you so much warning? Well honestly, it takes most people a fair amount of time to prepare their ballots. While we had a number of ballots on the first few days of voting back in 2007, we were literally swamped with ballots in the last few days.

While some people only voted for 10 to 20 romances, the majority of voters listed up to 80 or more romances on their ballots.

So, start getting your lists ready. Totally stumped? No idea how to get a ballot ready? Well, you might start by looking through your shelves of books, and just make a list of some of your favorites.

Don’t keep any books in your home? Then other good places to start are to review the AAR Annual Reader Polls, as well as performing power searches of A+, A and A- reviews at AAR.

And, if you keep spreadsheets or other documents of books read through the years, then get ready to sort for your favorite titles there too.

Good luck!  And remember, October is just around the corner.  Really!

– Lee, Cindy, and LinnieGayl

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