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Nan De Plume Style issues in romance?  

By Nan De Plume, 14 hours ago

All Things Romance
  Hello, All! We've had quite a few topic threads at the Agora regarding the declining quality of romance. From grammar gaffes to common HR blunders writers and editors don't seem to care about to blata...
Picok_21 Help - Book with Male hero with deaf mother/ deaf charity cafe  

By Picok_21, 1 week ago

What the hell was that book...?
  hello - been racking my brain trying to find this book again. here is what i recall: male hero - rags to riches his mother was deaf and illiterate, they lived above a coffee shop that was set up as a...
Dabney Grinnan My favorite poems  

By Dabney Grinnan, 2 weeks ago

After Hours
  For 9-11 About two years ago, I began posting poetry on my personal Facebook page. It's become a passion for me and I now post one a day. I choose classics, well-known, obscure, modern--there are almo...
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