Do I have to support/promote the art of someone I dislike or whose thoughts/actions I dislike or disapprove of?

Here’s why I ask. There’s an author who’s been really nasty about AAR who has a book for sale right now. I was entering it into our Steals and Deals and suddenly thought what am I doing? Why am I taking my time and platform to support this person who has treated AAR and its readers like trash? 

I stopped, thought about it for a while, and ended up advertising the book despite how horrible its author has been to AAR. I did so because I feel as though supporting romance and being an ethical site means not letting personal feelings rule our coverage. I decided that if I thought it was a good book, then I should share it with our readers, no matter how damaging the writer has been to us.

Since I did that, however, I’m still mentally fussing with it. There are so many lovely authors out there who’ve supported AAR over and over again–am I making a mistake by giving bandwidth to a not lovely person?

I don’t know. Really, I don’t. What do you think?

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