I spent Thanksgiving or, as non-Americans would call it, yesterday, with a part of my extended family. We had two intense discussions. We almost came to blows over who should be cast as the next James Bond—James Norton, duh—and had a generational divide over what makes one happy.

My 84 year old mom believes strongly that faith and family are what bring joy, that serving others and being a part of something greater than oneself is the path to joy. And that has worked for her—she’s one of the most content people I know. My niece said she believes being true to oneself and working to make the world a better place is what works. Others put in being intellectually challenged, making art, having a partner you love, not being afraid, and dogs.

Obviously it’s different for us all although I suspect somethings work better than others over time.

What do you think and what is your experience? What makes you truly happy?

Dabney Grinnan
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