Here’s a somewhat shocking confession: I haven’t read an actual book in over a year. And I don’t want to. Unless I can read a book on the Kindle app on my iPad, I’m just not interested.

I love reading on my iPad. I love being able to make it dark at night when I’m reading and my husband is falling asleep. I love being able to use the search feature and easily finding out who that obscure character my fading brain can’t recall actually is. I love being able to easily switch from book to book–I’m currently reading the second in a series and, every few chapters, I return to book one in order to recall what actually happened on the Burning Plains of Parsathe. I love how lightweight my iPad is and how I can easily change the way I hold the device and turn the pages. It’s the only way I like to read now and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

My mother hates reading on her iPad as does my sister and my best friend. They love the heft of books, the density of the words, the history of the experience. They’re forever trying to loan me actual books and, every time, they’re startled when I decline those hefty tomes.

I’ve several other friends who prefer audiobooks. They listen while they walk or exercise and say that works best for them. (They also tend to be people who fall asleep the minute they start reading at night.)

It’s lovely we’ve so many choices. What’s your favorite way to read? Why?

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