Today, I, Dr. Feelgood, and our twins are going abroad. I can barely believe it. We’ve not left the country since Covid hit. But it’s our daughter’s spring break and our son can work from anywhere so we’re off to Portugal–we’ve never been–for a week. We’ve uploaded our vaccines, gotten tested, and packed our masks. We are READY!

I come from a family of travelers. So it’s been really weird the past couple of years to stay at home and only travel to visit family. And it’s a somewhat scary time to travel–between the latest Omicron surge and the terrible war in Ukraine, I definitely have misgivings. But I’ve been smacked in the gut lately by two unexpected deaths of extended family members my and Dr. Feelgood’s age and I’d rather take the risks than stay at home.

How about you? Are you ready to travel? And if so, where would you go?

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