This week an author we’ve reviewed frequently declined to discuss her latest work of women’s fiction with us. Her reason?

….AAR is not the place to discuss this book, simply because of it being called All About Romance. This book, we feel, is really mainstream….

I don’t think she’s alone in thinking the name is too freighted for where the industry would like to go. Newer review sites with names less romance centric abound on social media and I’m seeing more and more of those sites listed in books’ blurbs and publicity despite having a lower profile than AAR.  (I’m not complaining–I’m happy for anyone who’s successful!)

Don’t misunderstand me–succeeding in media, a rubric that can be measured in many ways (money, influence, popularity, trust, etc….) is a tremendous challenge and names alone do not make or break a brand or a site. But, on the internet, perception is everything and I think it’s possible, perhaps even likely, that having the word romance attached to your moniker is increasingly seen as limiting.

What do you think? Take this survey and give us your opinion. Is the name All About Romance too… something? Is it time, after 25 years, to update it?

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