Peeps–I’ve been a bit blue lately. I’m on crutches for six weeks–months after that with a cane–due to a soft tissue hip repair. Covid continues to threaten so many things. I have a neighbor who is as nasty as he can be and that just bums me out. My lovely sister-in-law suggested I read one of her favorite self-help books and I am considering it. But… I’ve never read a self-help book. When I first had kids, people gave me several parenting books and I just decided that they weren’t for me–I used this book instead–probably because I hate to be told what to do. (It’s a failing.)

But, maybe it’s time. I’m 60 and sometimes I’m not sure I’m doing what I am supposed to be or even if I’m making the most of life. (I told you I was a bit blue.)

So, if I were to read a self-help book, what would you recommend? And do you read self-help books? If so, which have you loved?

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