Today I had one of those days that everything seemed harder than it should have. Home Depot, for the third time, didn’t show up to deliver my dishwasher so I have both dishes that won’t dry and a lot of irritation at having sat at home–for the third time–for nothing. I’m working on a photo book for my mom’s upcoming 85th birthday and my computer crashed in the middle of a work session and I lost everything. My condo board, always frustratingly opaque, sent out a new set of rules that honestly make me feel as if I live in a building run by paranoid autocrats. I’m not the most patient person on a good day, but by the end of today, I was CRANKY.

I’m cranky more than I’d like. I’m ready for normalcy and easy and we’re just not there yet.

How about you? Are you cranky? Or patient? Taking it one day at a time?

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