the ask@AAR: Is social media dead?

I’ve never been a fan of Twitter but, for years, it was a place I’d go to for news about romance and politics. No more. The new design is chaotic, I see nothing that I care about, and it feels downright unfriendly. It, like Facebook, has become a place where users have almost no ability to control what and whom they see.

This bums me out because I believe that social media can be a force for connection and for good. I used to love seeing friends’ updates on FB and Twitter–checking in on those sites was a way for me to see what people I’m not fortunate enough to live near were up to. Now, when I log on to Facebook I see the same few posts from the same few people again and again, endless dumb ads, and just junk. It is much the same on Twitter.

Do you feel this way? Are there social media sites you use and enjoy? Or is the era of social media joy dead and gone?

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