I’ll be honest with you–I’m, months later, still pissed at the 32 year old highly decorated military hero in his second year of law school who, after three months of serious dating, ghosted a young woman very near and dear to me. Really?



Because, I KNOW this guy knows better. He knows it’s a crap move and an exceedingly immature way to break up with someone. We all know this. We know that if we want to end a romance/friendship/job that the right way to do so is to, as we counsel our toddlers, use our words.

And yet, ghosting is EVERYWHERE.

Except, in my reading, in romance. Which is a good thing because I’m not sure I could forgive a lead who ghosted. It’s just such a low-rent, asshat move. But maybe this is just me, cranky old lady that I am?

What do you think? Have you read romances with ghosting in them? Have you or someone close to you had someone end a relationship by ghosting? Is it ever forgivable? Let me know. I’ll just be over here listening to my current favorite breakup album and scheming on how to send this article to a certain law student without getting caught…..

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