There are few greater reading pleasures–for me–than diving into a beloved series. In the past 18 months, I’ve listened to all the Harry Potter books, inhaled series by Karin Slaughter, Maria Vale, Eve Silver, Kelley Armstrong, Madeline Hunter, Anne Stuart, Holly Black, and Carolyn Crane, just to name a few. Given the choice between a stand alone and a series in genre fiction*, I’ll take a series every time.

Now, not all series are my jam and it’s the rare series that can go on and on and not begin to bore me. I also prefer series in which the characters are linked but are not the same leads each time. Were I to list my current top ten romances, the only stand alone stories that would make the list are The Hating Game (I’ll be watching the movie tonight!) and Uncommon Passion.

How about you? Do you prefer series or one offs? And, if you like series, do you like them to follow a couple, a friend group, or a theme? And, of course, feel free to share your favorites!

*Lit fic is rarely written as a series so for the purposes of this column, I’m just considering genre fiction.

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