We’ve talked about having an AAR book club for what feels like forever and, you know what, it’s time.

I made a few executive decisions so we could get started. The book had to be fun, a DIK at AAR, and cheap. So, using those criteria, I came up with three choices.

First up, Hearts on Hold by Charish Reed. Lynn gave this an A. In her review (it’s here), she wrote:

Sometimes I find myself slowing down as I read a book because I truly want to savor it, and Hearts on Hold is definitely a book to savor. This tale of a literature professor and a children’s librarian finding love is one of the more romantic novels I’ve read in a long time. By turns sweet and sexy, this story is a delight.

Right now, the ebook is 3.99 at Amazon. It looks like it is only available as an ebook–let me know if that’s a problem.

Second, May the Best Man Win by Mira Kelly. It’s 3.71 at Amazon and there is a paperback option. It got an A from Maria Rose. (Her review is here.) She wrote:

Fate is definitely not being kind to Jase and Emily. High school friends who had a falling out that was never righted, they determinedly went their separate ways and haven’t been in contact much in the last ten years – except when forced to play nice at mutual friends’ get-togethers. And when those friends start getting married, both Jase and Emily end up being in the bridal parties. While civil in public, their sniping at each other in private masks a secret, an unwanted attraction left over from their teenage years. When the latest engagement party threatens them with another involvement in yet another wedding, they call a truce. And with the truce comes the undeniable truth that the chemistry between them won’t be ignored any longer. A heated secret affair challenges them to break down the walls they’ve built. Hurt feelings, misunderstandings and misconceptions line the path that’s led to their current relationship. Can they find a way to let go of the past and regain their friendship and even have a chance at love?

Or we could read a blast from the past, Jennifer Crusie’s Manhunting. 21 years ago, it got an A as well. (The review is here.) Our reviewer wrote:

This book probably isn’t for someone who requires a lot of outside conflict. It’s simply about two people who become friends, fall in love and then must learn to reassess their goals in life without sacrificing what is most important to them. There are also a small handful of secondary characters who help create a warm feeling of friendship without overpowering the main love story in this short book….

Like all of Crusie’s books, Manhunting had me grinning one almost every page. She used both physical comedy and funny dialogue in a way that was natural to her characters and never came across as silly. When I turned the last page my heart was once again happy and my spirits were lifted. It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.

It’s on sale at Amazon for 1.99 and there’s a paperback option.

So what shall we read? You can pick ONE option–and please do not vote more than once. We’ll announce the winner on Sunday and we’ll plan to talk about it in the first week in May. Big fun, right?

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