I’ve been happily struck by the number of interracial couples I see on the news and in advertising these days. There’s exuberant coverage of Kamala Harris’ marriage to Doug Emhoff, squeeing over Megan and Harry, or couples on TV driving with their families, couples planning pregnancies, and families heading home for the holidays just to name a few.

According a Gallup poll, approval of black–white intermarriage rose among whites from around 4% in 1958 to 45% in 1995 and 84% in 2013.The actual share of intermarried newlyweds rose from 3% in 1967 to 17% in 2015. There are now more interracial marriages than there are marriages between Democrats and Republicans!

I’m also seeing more and more romances with interracial couples on the covers.

I am all for this. Diverse love stories are a gift.

Has this been your experience? Are you seeing more interracial couples in romance? What love stories do you love that feature such pairs?

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