the ask@AAR: What are your favorite second chance at love romances?

I love second chance romances. Not the ones where people dated briefly in high school or had a youthful fling, but those stories where people fell hard out of love and now, years later, have a chance to try again. Give me a Cam and Gigi, a Tara and Ford, a Adam and Marissa, a Josiah and Yesmen, or a Lyon and Olivia and I am in romance heaven. (I even have a soft spot for the utterly un PC Jack and Sherrie.)

Truth: Out of the five couples of my family of origin–my parents, my three siblings and I–every couple but one, my sister, broke up for at least a year before reconciling. Dr. Feelgood broke my heart so badly our first go round that when, a year later, we kissed and made-up, I had a friend tell me I should get professional help. (37 years later, I think she might have been wrong.)

Perhaps that’s why tales of hardwon second love call to me. How about you? Do you love them? And if so, what are some of your faves?

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