This year, I have gotten more emails from authors and publishers unhappy about negative reviews and/or comment threads here at AAR than I have in the previous five years. It’s not a huge number but we’ve typically gotten one a year in earlier times.

AAR will, as it always has, continue to publish unbiased reviews. I’m deeply proud of the work our staff does and I stand behind it 100%. That policy is not up for argument.

For the sake of this discussion, let’s set aside that negative reviews are vastly outweighed at AAR by positive and it’s fine reviews. And let’s agree that all the comments here will aim to be constructive rather than in the vein of those damn authors, they should be grateful you review their books. What I’m curious about here is what do we, readers whose lives are lifted by the literature we read, owe authors when one of their works lets us down. Thoughts?

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