OK, it’s a thing. I’ve just read my third contemporary romance in a row in which fingers find their way into what is often referred to the back door. This is an equal opportunity experience–men and women are both the doers and the do-ees. This isn’t anal sex, per se, in fact I’ve not seen a lot of that in m/f romance lately.

I grew up in what I think of as the pre-butt era. I honestly, other than my gay friends, never heard anyone talking about having anal sex until the late 80s. I think if a boyfriend had tried to slip me the finger, I would have yelped and pulled away. It just wasn’t in my frame of reference.

These days, it’s just another thing I read about in romance and am happy there are so many things that give people pleasure. That said, here at AAR, all things butt related in m/f romance usually bump up our sensuality rating. Maybe it’s time to change that?

What do you think?

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