One of my favorite country love songs of the past few years is Johnny Cash Heart by Caleb Lee Hutchison. The chorus is:

You wrap me up in some kind of magic
Lift me up, take me so high
Finally something good for me happened
Such a rush, can’t get enough of your love
Show me every color I can imagine
When its November and my soul ain’t dark
You are my June
June in my Johnny Cash heart

As anyone who saw Walk the Line knows, June and Johnny Cash were a love story with heat and heart. They were each married to others when they met, but were ineluctably drawn to one another. Once together, they were wed for almost 35 years, they died within months of each other. Johnny described June’s love for him as unconditional and June says she always walked along right by his side. They were flawed but, together, they were amazing.

I’d love to read a Johnny and June-ish story, with leads as interesting as they were and a love story as determined. They’re one of several couples I’d love to see inspire a romance novel. I’d love to see something similar done with Michelle and Barack Obama, Marie And Pierre Curie, or Paul and Julia Child.

How ’bout you? What famous couple would you like to see inspire a romance novel?

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