the ask@AAR: What have you been reading lately?

Goodreads tells me I’ve read eleven books thus far this year. They are:

The Woman on the Ledge by Ruth Mancini

Never Blow a Kiss by Lindsay Lovise

Devil’s Kitchen by Candice Fox

The Duchess Takes a Lover by Jillian Eaton

The Queen of Dust by H. E. Dare

The God of the Woods by Liz Moore

Middletide by Sarah Crouch

The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese

The Maid by Nita Prose

The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Funny Story by Emily Henry

Till Death Do Us Part by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

Many of these are coming out this year and some I can’t wait for you to read. My favorites from this list are Funny Story, my first Emily Henry book and now I see what the fuss about her is, Devil’s Kitchen, and The God of the Woods. Of those that have already been published, I enjoyed The Woman on the Ledge (my review will run next week) and Never Blow a Kiss.

My reading has been mystery heavy–that is the genre I love as much as I love romance–and while nothing has been as great as First Lie Wins, I eagerly finished all the thrillers on this list. I’d never read Candice Fox before–have you?–and I’d like to check out more of her work. I was thrilled to see a new mystery by Liz Moore–there are few better recent works of literature with crime in them than Moore’s Long Bright River and I’ve been waiting for her to pen another read.

What have you read this year? Anything you adored? Hated? Think everyone should give a go?

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