AAR readers routinely tell us they disagree with our takes on books. Over the years we’ve been told:

I don’t agree with how critical and one sided you were of this book in this review, after all this is a book that probably took long to write and a lot of thought went into it. How would Francine Rivers feel if she read this review? Not good, I can tell you that much.


Well, you guys are certainly in the majority with your positive review, but for me, I DNF’d after about 90 pages. (I did scan briefly through the rest of the book, in case there was something to hook me back in, but no.)

Something is wrong when the prose is so off-putting that one is laughing (or rolling one’s eyes) at every other page.


All you wanted was the romance?? Lame. Kim Harrison is soo much more.


Terrible review
By a nasty reviewer
Sarcastic probably envious
If your effort
I would have appreciated a non judgements summary so I could
Make my own decision whether it’s valuable or not

Recently, AAR reviewers and readers disagreed with our review of Get A Life Chloe Brown. Personally, I keep meaning to write a second review of Bec McMaster’s Of Silk and Steam because I love it so and we gave it a C-.

What reviews do think we got completely wrong and why?