the ask@AAR: What romance does everyone else love that you can’t stand?

Hey Dabney, what’s your favorite contemporary romance written in the past five or so years? 

Oh, no question, it’s Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game. I ADORE that book.

So you must be a Sally Thorne fan then, right?



Um… no. 100% no.

It’s true. I’ve disliked every book Thorne has published since her first and her most recent one I found unreadable. But, you know what? That’s just me. My brilliant sister-in-law who only reads smart contemporary romance told me she LOVED it. She loves quirky. #manicpixiedreamgirlsforever



I f*cking hate quirky. And Sally Thorne’s heroines are more and more the definition of quirky.



I’m clearly in the minority about Second First Impressions which irritated me so much I wanted to become a bitter goth just to spite the book. And that’s just fine. I do not want to be the cultural arbitrator for the world… much.

How about you? What’s a romance most adore you loathe? And why?

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