the ask@AAR: What was the best thing that happened this year?

‘Tis the season to be jolly, right?

2022 was a reasonable year. It wasn’t the sh*tshow that 2020 was or filled with 2020 PTSD like 2021. Billions of vaccines were administered world wide, Michigan beat Ohio State for the second year in a row, all 50 states have now–finally–sent a woman to Washington, Wordle entered our lives, Britney and Britttney were freed, streaming services gave us a plethora of great shows, and the Top Gun sequel was actually pretty great. (This is my things to be happy about column–I’m steadfastly ignoring the year’s bad news here.)

Personally, I had a good year. I was able to travel, see friends and family and new places. My husband and I edged towards retirement. My children all survived, even (mostly) thrived. I saw the library at Ephesus. My health, and that of my amazing mother, is good. My hot flashes finally went away. I like my daughter’s new boyfriend and my middle son is more or less engaged.

I tend to look for the joy in life rather than the sorrow. Sorrow will always find you–it’s the price of being human and loving and living. Joy, though, joy can take effort. I seek happiness in things both great and small. (As I was writing this, a gorgeous red-tailed hawk flew lazy circles above my window. Just glorious!)

If I had to pick one thing as the best thing that happened in 2022 I’d–at this moment–choose Thanksgiving dinner. Sixteen members of my family (we number 22) were there. My nephew did all the cooking, the sun was shining, and we capped the day off by watching The Princess Bride. It was an almost flawless day with the people I love most and my mom could not stop smiling. It’s a personal joy not a global one but it was just the best.



How about you?

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