I don’t buy a lot of books–I am the romance reader version of Billy Mack: I became the Publisher of AAR and now they give them to me for free! But despite having thousands of unread books on my TBR, I continue to purchase new ones. Some are books I find on my daily Steals and Deals hunt–in the past month, I bought Amy Bloom’s memoir In Love and P. Djèlí Clark’s A Master of Djinn. But I also buy books because I just have to have them.

I wasn’t given an ARC of Leigh Bardugo’s extraordinary Ninth House, so I shelled out $17.50 to Amazon for the book and the accompanying audiobook. #worthit

In the past few months, I bought several full-price books by Bardugo as well as a couple of books by Cate C. Wells. Thus far this year, I’ve paid for 29 books, most of which were on sale.

How about you? What have you bought lately? What makes you willing to pay for a book? What makes you unwilling to do so?

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