the ask@AAR: What were the best sellers at AAR in 2023?

Every year, I look at our sales at Amazon. As has been the case for the past four years, our sales continue to drop along with our affiliate dollars. (So thank you to all who support us through donations!)

In 2023, AAR readers bought a total of 15,641 books through our links at Amazon. (We cannot track Kindle Unlimited so those numbers are not included.) We sold 202 audiobooks, 949 physical books, and 14,490 ebooks for a total of 68,576.00 in book sales. We earned 2769.00 in affiliate income on these purchases. If you include audiobooks, the average price point of a book was 8.77. Without audiobooks, the average price of a bought book was 4.32.

Unlike previous years, there were no books that vastly outsold the others. As usual, our readers preferred historical romance. The top ten best selling books were:

How to Tame a Wild Rogue by Julie Anne Long (66 copies)

Forever Your Rogue by Erin Langston (62 copies)

Fortune Favors the Viscount by Caroline Linden (49 copies)

Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase (45 copies)

Remember Me by Mary Balogh (40 copies)

The Worst Woman in London by Julia Bennet (39 copies)

The Gentleman Thief by Deborah Simmons (39 copies)

Heartbreaker by Sarah MacLean (35 copies)

Knockout by Sarah MacLean (32 copies)

One Duke Down by Anna Bennett (32 copies)

Does this list surprise you? What books did you buy this past year?

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