Yeah, yeah, I know. This is not a romance topic. BUT. I am on vacation with Dr. Feelgood and we spent some time today in the British Museum where we goggled again at the Elgin Marbles. (We’re headed to Greece on Friday–I look forward to seeing Greece’s claim to the artifacts evinced there.)

Tonight, we got to talking about art we’ve seen in person that was a gut punch. The time, in 1989, we wandered into the room where the David was housed–there were maybe 20 people in the place. I’ve never forgotten the power of Michelangelo’s 17 foot miracle. In 2013, we stumbled upon The State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg–the art there was both something we didn’t knew existed and astonishing. Five years ago, in Madrid, our daughter who was doing a semester abroad there took us to the Sorolla Museum–I still think about his portrait of his wife right after she’d given birth.

Some art, when you see it, you’re glad you did–hey, Mona Lisa, have you tried Smooth Move tea–but it doesn’t grab you, doesn’t make you feel as though your life would have been somehow less if you’d not see it. Other works–like this, this, and this–make you thrill to be alive.

I am more art obsessed than most so I’m curious–what’s your favorite work of art you’ve ever seen?

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