the ask@AAR: What’s your current frontrunner for best romance of 2022?

The AAR staff will soon begin pulling together their top romances of 2022 lists. I’ve been thinking about mine–I love these lists! My current top pick is easy–I’ve only given five stars to one romance published in 2022: Trish Dollar’s The Suite Spot. I love it as much as I love the first book in Dollar’s Beck Sisters series, The Float Plan.

In Dolly’s DIK review of The Suite Spot she wrote:

Trish Doller is a great storyteller, and she has crafted a romance that’s easy to read. Her language is comfortable, the pace is perfect and the character development relatable and memorable. Everything about this journey is satisfying as Rachel and Mason make their way from friends to lovers. What started as a rope-a-dope disaster turns into a very mature, realistic, and relatable partnership between two people who needed each other. Adulting at its finest.

It’s a book about adults for adults with a wry heart large enough to ease most of the worries batting about your brain. It’s just lovely.

That’s my current pick–and it could change by the end of the year! I still have three more months of romance reading to do!

What’s yours? Why?

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