Every year, in December, there’s a bevy of social media postings and articles about how much people loathe Love, Actually. And, of course, there are a host of articles and posts declaring their love for the film. I treasure parts of Love, Actually and will never trash the whole film–I simply fast forward through every scene involving Colin, the interminable Mr. Bean cameo, and that whole tragic Laura Linney just can’t let herself get laid by her dream man clip. (When I saw it in the theater, as we walked out, a woman in front of us was shaking her head. “Her brother would have been just as crazy ten minutes later,” she said.) But whether you’re a fan or not, there are so many other holiday films to consider.

My favorite holiday film is Elf. I love just about everything about it from Bob Newhart’s hilarious intro to Buddy’s denunciation of (fake) Santa to Zooey Deschanel singing Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. It always fills me with glee. I’m also very fond of A Charlie Brown Christmasthe soundtrack is my favorite holiday album.

But there are so many choices! Netflix alone has what seems like hundreds!

Do you have a holiday film you love? One you hate? Why?


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