Currently we have over two hundred reviews tagged as holiday romances. One, One Christmas Knight by Kathleen Creighton garnered one of our rare (55) A+reviews. There’s also an snarky F–our reviewer had nothing good to say about Johanna Linsey’s 2000 release, Home for the Holidays. We’ve Hanukkah love stories–I couldn’t find a Kwanza one which is something we’ll have to work on–and holiday HEAs for all sorts of lovers. I had a wonderful time looking through these festive reviews. (We talked about our favorite holiday romances a few years ago as well.)

That said, I don’t really love holiday romances. They’re often just too sweet for me. To this day, the only holiday romance I love is Courtney Milan’s A Kiss for Midwinter which begins an unwanted pregnancy and a horrifically inept physician. But, hey, maybe I’ve just not found the right one yet. How about you? What holiday romance do you adore? And why?

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