Have you seen Spielberg’s West Side Story? It’s good–a fairly faithful remake of the 1961 film–with gorgeous song and dance scenes and a heartbreaking finish.  I grew up with the original and it’s always been on of my favorite musicals. The lyrics Sondheim wrote, the melodies of Bernstein, the choreography of Robbins, and the voices of the incredible Marni Nixon, Rita Moreno, and Jimmy Bryant still astonish me.

West Side Story, like its inspiration, is NOT a romance but a love story. (Spoiler: There’s a decidedly unhappy ending which as we all know means it can’t be a romance….)

I have always, well, loved love stories. (These days I prefer romances but still.) I grew up watching Love Story, Dr. Zhivago, Gone with the Wind, and Casablanca. Even when love doesn’t win and someone often ends up dying, I never tire of these stories.

So what, you ask, is my favorite love story that is not a romance? For books, I’d probably pick Possession, Eleanor and Park and The Time Traveler’s Wife. For movies, Shakespeare in Love, Chasing Amy and my beloved The Way We Were.

How about you? What’s your favorite love story that is not a romance?

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